Digital Marketing

Harvesting New Technology For Effective Marketing

Technology has paved many a pathway for effective marketing. There are novel methods of promoting a product or a service to potential customers using these new technological tactics. It is easier as well as cheaper to have better sales figures than conventional methods of marketing when such methods are used. What are some of them? And how can they be used in ways that will guarantee a profit to you?

Efficient Communication 

Communication is very important when it comes to any business. Lack of it has directed businesses to bear huge losses; it can affect a client as well as the business itself. Not only within the store but also via social media, websites, emails and so on, communicating the exact message of the company is important. New technologies such as chatbots have become common in this. When you visit a website you can see e a popup which asks if you “have a question for us” or “we are here for your queries” or something similar. This gives the customer the idea that this business cares about what I want and is ready to answer my questions. That itself is a win. A chatbot is actually a piece of software which was written to answer common questions after searching a database of questions and answers. However, modern chatbots employ AI or Artificial Intelligence, which has their own ways and means of finding an answer to a question asked by a customer.

Email Marketing

When they first came emerged, emails were thought of as powerful marketing tools. With time, people have misused it and it is now a big problem when reaching people with emails. It is important that you use the right content. The web is full of a multitude of things and it has been found out that if the reader is not interested in what he reads in the first three seconds, he will not pursue whatever it is. Be it an email, a web ad, social media post or anything as such. Hence it is important that any business that is serious about leveraging email marketing should contact a professional in EDM copywriting to create an attractive body of content. Also, research has found out that visual data has more power in attracting people’s attention. Therefore if you are using email marketing, try to use images, graphics and charts like items in your email for better reception results.

Big Data And Data Analysis 

We hear a lot about big data. What is this? It simply means data harvested from various means from the people. This is quite important than it sounds; data means people’s choices, habits, spending patterns and so on. Therefore, through data analysis a vendor can easily see what sells and what doesn’t. They can cut money spend on research and development and reinvest that in data analysis. People have certain habits when it comes to buying stuff. For example, most people stick to one brand of cereal. If you want to see how a change can affect their buying patterns, you can add or reduce an ingredient and then measure the results. If sales are high, without any promotions being done about the change, it can be summarized that the added matter has “worked”. Of course there are many other factors when things as such are analysed and that is why proper data analysis is important.

Marketing and promotions are not only done through press and mass media. Although these traditional media are still alive, it seems they are hanging by a thread.

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