SEO Rankings for 26 Risk Management Companies

February 24, 2011
Craig Wilson

This week NLYZR assesses the websites of 25 Risk Management companies, a list originally published in BRW.

We have used the all new NLYZR for this list. NLYZR assesses a website’s Search Engine Optimisation using criteria such as On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and a Keyword search result.

These are crucial aspects of Inbound Marketing and Internet Marketing Strategies.

See how they rank!

26 Risk Management companies websites

94/100 Ernst and Young

75/100 Incom

73/100 Deloitte

73/100 SAS

73/100 WHK

71/100 LexisNexis

63/100 Pitcher Partners

63/100 PKF Australia

59/100 Slater and Gordon

58/100 Freehills

57/100 Jardine Lloyd Thompson

56/100 RSM Bird Cameron

54/100 Grant Thornton

54/100 Satori

47/100 Atradius

46/100 Greencap

44/100 MPR Group

43/100 Linus Information Security Solutions

41/100 PwC

40/100 Vantage Perfomance

38/100 Protiviti

36/100 Turning Point Crisis Management

30/100 Dynamiq

26/100 Leighton Davis & Partners

23/100 KPMG

Web NLYZR is a FREE website analysis tool that assesses your website’s overall search engine optimisation and nominated keyword search performance. Hundreds of companies use it as a starting point for improving their online performance every week.

Sticky have developed and documented a formal process for effective Inbound Marketing that results in high search engine rankings, increased traffic, quality leads and conversion to sales. NLYZR provides the measurements and recommendations to support this process. Any business that follows the process and recommendations is ensured of success.

If you’d like to improve your website’s search rankings please CONTACT US.

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