Social media according to Seth and Rohit

January 28, 2009
Craig Wilson

Rohit Barghava and Seth Godin know a thing or two about social media. They both use it to great effect in the marketing of their projects and themselves.

Seth Godin is an International thought leader, blogger and author who has helped redefine marketing over the last decade. Seth’s posts are some of the first I read each week amongst the dozens of feeds I have streaming in. One of his recent posts, subtly plugging his new book Tribes, explains the typical marketing cycle and how social media may have finally broken the cycle.

I highly recommend you read this post, but here’s a snippet to whet your appetite:

Social media, it turns out, isn’t about aggregating audiences so you can yell at them about the junk you want to sell. Social media, in fact, is a basic human need, revealed digitally online. We want to be connected, to make a difference, to matter, to be missed. We want to belong, and yes, we want to be led.

Meanwhile Rohit Barghava is another marketer, thought leader, blogger and author who has grown a large audience due to his keen insight into new marketing. One of Rohit’s recent posts addresses the frequent question of how to measure social media success. Traditional media has its own traditional performance indicators that marketers have come to rely upon, but social media is a totally new space and requires very different analysis. The Softer Side Of Measuring Social Media suggests some different ways to measure your social media interactions.

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