Sticky turns 6 and launches all new NLYZR

August 31, 2011
Craig Wilson

Today is the first day of Spring and one that is quite meaningful for Sticky. Its our birthday!!!

Sticky is 6 years old today.

Since 1 September 2005 we have embarked on a journey to evolve from a small Newcastle advertising agency to become and innovative team of marketers servicing accounts around Australia.

During that time we have developed a range of new services that have helped clients do more effective and accountable marketing with a focus on measurable results. We call our overall approach Inbound Marketing and it works exceptionally well.

Our dedicated push into online technology has seen us become very experienced in social media, search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation. We are now contracted by major companies to assist them with each of these facets and deliver significant results.

Today also marks a new beginning with the launch of our all new NLYZR. We have spent several years developing and refining our search engine optimisation methodology to the point that what was once a slow and laborious process can now be done extremely quickly via NLYZR.

NLYZR website optimization systemToday for the first time NLYZR is available to anyone who wishes to join. Members are able to run rapid reports to optimize any page of their website for any search term using industry best-practice advice. They can also run competitor reports to learn why somebody is wining a search and what they must do to beat them. Its simple, fast and very, very effective.

Members are also given access to our extensive Knowledge Base of inbound marketing and website optimisation information and advice. This goes a long way to demystifying what has been typically been a very confusing field for business owners and marketers.

We have designed NLYZR to be used internationally and currently it is able to help optimise any English language website.

NLYZR is reflective of our belief that modern agencies should act more like start-up incubators for innovation, new technology and solutions. This leads to real breakthroughs that benefit both the business and its clients.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Sticky over the last 6 years, including our clients, suppliers and collaborators. And I’d personally like to thank the excellent team here at Sticky, past and present, who have worked hard to continually deliver great results for clients and new ideas such as NLYZR and Urban Insider.

It’s exciting times.

– Craig Wilson

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